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When selecting Diamonds there are 4C you need to check such as Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. These four things are what consumers look when they are searching for loose diamonds but at Lee’s Diamond Design Ltd not only do we look at these traditional 4C but we also look at Appearance on the diamonds as well such as polish,Symmetry and measurement,etc. We at Lee’s Diamond Design Ltd try to provide best quality as possible to our customers. We also work with best craftsmanship companies on Diamond District to make 100% hand made settings for our valued customers, we also specialize in re-setting for our customers. Lee’s Diamond Design also carries variety of natural color diamonds for our customers. [Learn about diamonds]

Luxury Watches

At Lee’s Diamond Design we carry many luxury brand watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, IWC, Frank Mueller, Patek Phillipe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Blancpain, Chopard, Breguet, Breitling, Chanel, Omega, Panerai, Ulysse Nardin, Tag Heuer and many more. With many different sources we are able to provide our customers with discounted prices on our luxury brand watches. (ORDER BASED ONLY)


We at Lee’s Diamond Design we offer different types of pearls from Akoya Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Tahitian Cultured Pearls and South Sea Pearls. To create cultured pearls a small  bead is injected into the oyster and gradually over the years the oyster coats the bead in many level’s of layers of natural proteins and minerals, these level’s of layers are known as nacre (Nayker). It’s the nacre that give’s pearl its precious color and luster. To cultivate pearls take anywhere from Akoya Culture Pearls are from 6month to 2 years, Tahitian Cultured Pearls 2-3 years, South Sea Pearls 2-3 years and Freshwater Pearls from 6month on. Pearls come in range of size from 3.00MM to South Sea and Tahitian Pearls can reach sizes as large as 16MM. Pearls comes in many different shapes as well such as Round, Oval, Teardrop, Button, Semi-Baroque and Off-Round shapes.

When pearls  are cared properly, they can last generations after generations. The best way to care for pearls is to wear them in regular basis. It is very important to keep pearls away from household chemical products such as Hairspray, Gels, Perfume, Shampoo, Rinse, and Body Lotions. When these chemical products are found in Pearls it can dull the luster of pearls. When cleaning pearls use soft cloth and wipe the pearls.


Gemstone goes back to the Ancient Greeks, it begins with difference between Precious and semi-precious stones. The Precious stones are diamonds, ruby, emerald and sapphire, with all other gemstones being semi-precious. Gemstones come in every color in the spectrum and each gem can come in a variety of hues as well. This distinction is unscientific and reflects the rarity of the respective stones in ancient times as well as their quality. A gems value can be determined by many different factors such as Cut, Size, Clarity and enhancements made to be that gemstone.
There is no universally accepted grading system for any gemstones as there are with diamonds, many of the similar principles are accepted with regards to determining the value of each gemstones. Historically all gemstones were graded with using the naked eye. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) included a new innovation of 10X magnification as the standard for grading clarity. Other gemstones are still graded using the naked eye.

Gemstone Color
There has been no standard for judging the color of gemstones; many experts consider it to be one the most important characteristics in judging gemstones. When determining a gemstone’s color the characteristics which come up most are saturation, tone and hue. Saturation measures the intensity of a gem’s color’s intensity. In essence a stone that is free of muting tones such as brown or gray are more desirable. Saturation is the characteristic that referred to when the gemstone is described as vivid, strong or dull. Tone measures the depth of color and evaluates the color’s darkness or lightness. The difference terms jeweler’s uses are either very light, light, light medium, dark medium, dark or very dark. Hue refers to the gemstones basic color. A gemstone is considered most valuable if its hue is purer. Such as blue for sapphires, red for rubies and green for emeralds.

Gemstones Clarity
Gemstones are usually graded by a type (1, 2 and 3) and by clarity (VVS, VS, SI1, SI2 or I)

A. Type 1
Gemstones are usually with no inclusions. The group includes gemstones in the family of aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, citrine, zircon and berlys. Clarity in type 1 groups of gemstones is classified as VVS (minor), VS (noticeable), SI1 (obvious), SI2 (prominent), or I1 (prominent and affecting appearance).

B. Type 2
Gemstones include sapphire, alexandrite, ruby, peridot, and garnet. Clarity in type 2 group of gemstones is classified as VVS (minor), VS (noticeable), Si1 (obvious), SI2 (prominent), or I1 (prominent and affecting appearance)

C. Type 3
Gemstones are that will always have inclusions gemstones include tourmaline and emerald. Clarity in type 3 group of gemstones is classified as VVS (minor), VS (noticeable), SI1 (obvious), SI2 (prominent), or I1 (prominent and affecting appearance)

Gemstone Cut
There has been no standard grading system to define a gemstone’s cut how ever gemstones will usually have a table, crown, girdle, pavilion and culet and it’s cut refers to proportions and symmetry of the gemstone. Gemstone cut is unlike that of a diamond where the idea cut maximizes the brilliance. For gemstones a high quality cut will expose the fewest inclusions and presents the most color. Well cut gemstone is symmetrical in all dimensions and reflects light evenly across the surface and provides decent brilliance of gemstone. Gemstones saturation will also determine how it should be cut. Gemstone with a more saturated color can allow for a shallow cut to permit more light to penetrate while a less saturated gemstone can use a deeper cut to increase its vividness.

Gemstones Size
Gemstones weight is measured in carats where one carat is equals to 200 milligrams. Due to varying degrees of density that gemstones come in, it’s not an accurate gauge of its size. 2 gemstones of same carat weight may be different sizes. Bigger gemstones is not always more valuable. Since gemstones are mined, their rarity at certain size will determine their value. Gemstone that occurs naturally in weight of 10-15 carats or more may be less valuable than one that rarely occurs in that size.

Gemstone Enhancement
Enhancing process on gemstone bring out it’s beauty is a generally accepted procedure and is defined as any treatment other than cutting or polishing that improves its availability, appearance or durability. There are different types of enhancements for start there is natural (N) stones that have been not enhanced. For the gemstones that have been enhanced but since many enhancement methods are difficult or impractical to prove, approach taken to assume that such practice has been applied to that particular gemstone. If a specific method of enhancement is known then that specific enhancement code will be used.

Birth Stones
Every month in the calendar year has its own birthstones.

Precious Metals

Over the centuries precious metals have come to known for power, wealth and strength. Their durability, beauty and physical qualities make precious metals very important part of jewelry industry.

Gold has the longest history among all precious metals. It’s been foundation of the world’s currency system for centuries. Pure gold will not rust, corrode or tarnish. It is very strong but also the most malleable of all precious metals. It was gold’s natural beauty and softness that made it presentable to most jewelry, it is so soft that pure gold is rarely used in jewelry. Order to withstand the everyday wear, pure gold is mixed with other metals to increase its durability, strength and color range.
Yellow gold is the most common color and is usually alloyed with copper and silver. The saturation of color varies according to gold content. The purity of gold in given alloy is represented in Karats Pure gold is known as 24Kt (99.99% pure gold), next are 18Kt (75% gold and rest with other metals) used in very find jewelry 14Kt (57% gold and rest with other metals) are most commonly used in jewelry industry. 10Kt (41.7% gold and rest with other metals) legal limit make jewelry.

Platinum’s characteristic is its strength and durability, it’s by far the strongest and durable of all the precious metal. When thinking about everyday wear and tear on your precious jewelry, platinum unlike gold it may scratch and leave a mark on the metal, but it will not splinter or chip easily. There are 2 type’s of platinum plat 900 (90% and 10% other metal) and Plat 950 (95% and 5% other metal). Because of its characteristic platinum is ideal for people who are allergic to other precious metals. Since platinum usually weight more than gold and used in it’s purer it usually cost 2-4 times more than 18 Karat Gold.

Fine Jewelry – Customize

We at Lee’s Diamond Design Ltd specialize in customized hand work. Most of settings or mountings that are on the market are mass produce from factories, a lot of the settings are either too big or too small for individuals, most of time jewelers tend to re-size from existing settings therefore finished products tend to look off round or crooked. To keep the cost low most of the diamonds factories uses are SI2-I Clarity with H-I Color Grading diamonds.
We at Lee’s Diamond Design Ltd work little differently, through out the years in business we realized that every customer has different taste in jewelry, so we came up with concept of customer’s coming in, submitting e-mails, faxes, personal snatches and text messages with pictures or design they are interested and give a little twist to their personal style. We than create computer graphic images of the model by rendering then with our state of art wax cutting machine we custom-cuts a model to accurately of computer’s demand. Wax model is ready for casting in the order of customer’s choice from Platinum, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Pink Gold, 14K White Gold or 14K Yellow Gold. Customer’s order return from casting company in rough form, unpolished.
While all the steps are going on our specialist hand picks all the diamonds for the mounting, then we layout all the diamonds are picked and go through our specialist approval and customers. When our specialist and customers approves hand picked diamonds the mounting are then pre-polished for setting. Customer’s order is handed to our expert setter which sets each and every diamonds for customer’s order piece for detailed work. The work is checked by our expert setter for approval by 10X loupe. The order is sent for final polishing job. After these steps are approved they are ready for shipping nationwide.